SINSALAUDIO / Actualidade

Sinsalaudio en la clausura de CITEMA en Florencia

7 de Outubro de 2011

In the frame of the European project Sostenuto “thinking culture as a factor of social and economic innovation”, CITEMA proposes an event together with the SCEC (local currency) , GAS (Group of fair purchase) of the Valdichiana valley, the fair shop Bottega del Monde Equo Soledale, the CCR ( historical city center of Cetona) and the theatre “Cantinonearte” in Montepulciano. In this moment of deep change, we bet that we can make our projects converge, gather and transmit our know-how and competence and thinking together of a common future of our regions. Product and consume differently, create, sell and diffuse differently are the proposal that we would like to share in a pleasant atmosphere to rediscover our area, to meet and rethink our exchanges, to valorize our richness and think of our impact on environment. “Be conscious that, above all of the principle of responsibility of the individual, whatever is role and whatever his level of culture, conscience and experiences…”